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The following is the comprehensive list of insurance companies that Dr Syriac is in-network. However, within the insurance there are plans that the doctor does not participate in. Therefore, before you make an appointment, please go to the insurance website and check if Dr. Syriac is in-network of the plan that you are enrolled in. TIP: In the insurance website, look for "find a Doctor" or similar tab.
* Please note that HMO patients have to select the doctor as his/her "Primary Care Provider (PCP)" before the appointment.
If you have any question, please call our billing office at 248-699-7850.
Thank you

Currently accepting new patients with the following health insurance:
Insurance Website
Commercial(Non-HMO, PPO, EPO, POS) 
Aetna www.aetna.com
Alliance Health And Life www.hap.org
ASR Corporation www.asrhealthbenfits.com
Blue Cross and Blue Shield www.bcbsm.com
BCBS - Federal Employee Program(FEP) www.fepblue.org
Cigna PPO www.cigna.com
Golden Rule www.goldenrule.com
HAP www.hap.org
Humana www.humana.com
Tricare www.mytricare.com
Priority Health www.priorityhealth.com
United Healthcare www.uhc.com
United Medical Resources(UMR) www.umr.com
All Workers Compensation  
All Accident Insurance  
All Secondary Insurance  
Medicare & Medicare Advantage/HMO* 
Aetna Medicare www.aetna.com
BCBS Medicare Plus Blue www.bcbsm.com
Blue Care Network Advantage www.mibcn.com
HAP Senior Plus www.hap.org
Humana Medicare www.humana.com
Medicare www.wpsmedicare.com
Medicare Railroad www.wpsmedicare.com
Priority Health Medicare www.priorityhealth.com
Blue Care Network www.mibcn.com
HAP HMO www.hap.org
Priority Health HMO www.priorityhealth.com
United Healthcare HMO www.uhc.com
Medicaid & Medicaid HMO* 
BCBS Complete www.mibluecrosscomplete.com
State of Michigan Medicaid www.mibluecrosscomplete.com